a missyllaneous life is divided into four main categories:


You grow some, you lose some

Sharing the trials and tribulations of growing a house plant jungle. These posts will often provide tips, do’s & dont’s (based on personal experience), and profile different plants that are currently in my home.


Dedicated to documenting my efforts to incorporate foliage (and other plant-related things) into my creative projects. From embroidery to paper crafts, and more.

Green with envy: 

Using plants to enhance a space is an art. Follow me as I tour other people’s homes, businesses and indoor gardens for inspiration and all around #plantgoals.

How much is that plant in the window:

What makes a good plant shopping experience? These posts will cover one of my favorite things to do – visit plant shops! And who knows, maybe I’ll even pick up another plant along the way. Who am I kidding. I will definitely be buying more plants.