super nice mugs

This past weekend I traveled stateside with a few cars full of my nearest and dearest. Just a weekend away. Ok, it was little more than that. It was my bachelorette(!). AND IT WAS THE BEST AND EVEN HAD A CRAFT PARTY. A party inside a party. Seriously you guys, we made crafts and I was in heaven. My friends know me well.

How did we get our craft on? By making super nice (and personalized) mugs.

I should have had the foresight to document the creation process, but alas, I was having too much fun. I will share with you the final product and some basic tips for this super super easy craft.

6 super super easy steps to making super nice (and personalized) mugs

Step 1:  Collect your supplies:

  • First things first, you need to locate/buy a ceramic mug that is plain. There is some buzz on the internet that cheaper is better. The mugs we used were from Crate&Barrel, and they worked just fine! From past experience, I know the dollar store also sells a decent selection.
  • Oil based paint Sharpie markers. You can grab these at any art supply store. A note on these: Oil-based sharpies change color after being baked. Either test out your color in advance, or stick with the following options, which I’ve read change the least: Black, Silver, Gold, Yellow, Pink, Brown, Dark Green. Or just can just throw caution to the wind!fullsizerender
  • Q-tips
  • Rubbing alchohol
  • Inspiration (if you search for “DIY mugs” on Pintrest you will be flooded with ideas)

Step 2: Give your mug a good rinse with soap and water and dry thoroughly. You can also clean it with rubbing alcohol if you prefer. Either way works.

Step 3: Start drawing! It might be helpful to sketch something out on paper first, if that’s your style. Don’t be afraid to mess up. That’s what the Q-tips and rubbing alcohol are for. Being that I’m a #crazyplantlady, I obviously went for a leaf motif.

Step 4: Once you’re happy with your final design, it’s recommended to let it sit for several hours.

Step 5: Next, place your mug on a tray and pop it into a cool oven. Set the temperature to 425F and let it bake for an hour. Putting your mug in before you turn the oven on helps avoid any cracking that may occur from quick changes in temperature.

Step 6: Let it cool down in the oven and VOILA!

Here is the final product:

While many sites will tell you that your mug is safe for use, I find that even after the washing and baking and cooling, it’s still possible to scratch off the design. It’s not easy, but it’s possible (believe me). I would never put my mug in the dishwasher… and if you really love it, I would recommend keeping it as a decorative piece. For example, it can go on your desk to hold pens OR you could put a plant in it!

And here is a group shop of the finished mugs… *Oooooo, Aaaaaaah*. Those are some super nice mugs.Super nice mugs 2 (1).jpg



    1. missyllaneous

      Thanks for the feedback! I’m honestly too scared to use them for anything but decoration… It is totally safe to drink from – as long as you don’t put ink on the inside. And wash with care!


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