first things first

First things first, introductions are in order. Hello, I’m Missyllaneous.

A 30-something urbanite living in the beautiful city of Toronto, Ontario. Some have accused me of being obsessed with plants. I like to think of it as more of a passion. It all started back in the mid-2000’s when I purchased my very first Pothos (otherwise known as Devil’s Ivy), named her Verdginia (verde + virginia), and instantly became obsessed.

While many plants have come and gone over the last decade, my love of indoor foliage, and the desire to turn my home into a jungle, has only intensified. My collection has grown to 29 (and counting!), and as part of this blog I will cover the trials and tribulations of growing a house plant jungle.

Like any good experiment, I thought it important to start off by photo documenting all of my current plants. This will allow me to show their growth, struggles, and occasional deaths (R.I.P.) over the course of time. So without further ado, here is my current plant family. Aren’t they a beautiful bunch?!


And now, for my very first blog tip:

Whether you’re a plant novice or have your own growing jungle, photos are a great way to check-in with the overall health and happiness of your plants. It can be hard to remember exactly what your plant looked like last week, let alone three months ago. If you take a photo of your plant now, you can always refer to that photo to help you determine what, if anything, has changed. So, get snapping!


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